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deciding who wins a battle

deciding who wins a battle

To decide a battle
compare the highest die each of you rolled. If yours (the attacker) is higher, the defender loses one army on the territory under attack. But if the defenders die is higher than yours, you lose one army from that territory you attacked from; put it back in your clear plastic box. If each of you rolled more than one die, now compare the two next-highest dice and repeat the process.

In case of a tie, the defender always wins
The attacker can never lose more than 2 armies on a single roll.

Capturing territories.
As soon as you defeat the last opposing army on a territory, you capture that territory and must occupy it immediately. To do so, move in at least as many armies as the number of dice you rolled in your last battle.remember: in most cases, moving as many armies as you can to the front is an advantage, because armies left behiind can't help you when you are attacking. Also remember you must always leave at least one army behind on the territory you attacked from. During the game, every territory must always be occupied by at least one army.

Ending your attack.
You may end your attack (s) at any time. If you have captured at least one territory, first take the top RISK card from the draw pile. (no matter how many territories you've captured on your turn, you may only take one RISK card.) Your last step it to fortify your position, if you wish. finally, pass the dice.

Eliminating an opponent.
If during your turn you eliminate an opponent by defeating his or her last army ont the game board, you win any RISK cards that player has collected.

if winning them gives you 6 or more cards, you must immediately trade in enough sets to reduce your hand to 4 or fewer cards, but once your hand is reduced to 4, 3, or 2 cards, you must stop trading.

But if winning gives you fewer than 6, you must wait until the beginning of your next turn to trade in a set.

when you draw a card from the deck at the end of your turn (for having one a battle), it brings your total to 6, you must wait until your next turn to trade in.

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