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getting and placing New armies


at the beginning of each turn, calculate how many new armies you'll add to the territories based on...
1. the number of TERRITORIES you occupy;

2. the value of the CONTINENTS you control

3. The value of the MATCHED sets of RISK cards you trade in;

4. The specific TERRITORY PICTURED on a traded-in set

at the beginning of every turn (including your first), count the number of territories you currently occupy, then divide the total by 3 (ignore any fraction). The answer is the number if armies you recieve. Place the new armies on any territory you already occupy.

11 territories= 3 armies
14 territories= 4 armies
17 territories= 5 armies
You will always recieve at LEAST 3 ARMIES on a turn, even if you occupy fewer than 9 territories.

In addition at the beginning of your turn you will recieve armies for each continent you control. (to control a continent you must occupy all it's territories at the start of your turn.) To find the exact number of armies you'll recieve for each continent, look at this list:

South America : 2 armies
Australia : 2 armies
South Africa : 3 armies
North America : 5 armies
Europe : 5 armies
Asia : 7 armies

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