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Introduction & strategy hints

Introduction & strategy hints

In the classic "World Domination Risk" game of military, you are battling to conquer the world. To win, you must launch daring attacks, defend yourself on all fronts, and sweep across vast continents with boldness and cunning. But remember, the dangers, as well as the rewards, are high. Just when the world is within your grasp, your opponent might strike and take it all away!

in all RISK games, keep these 3 strategy hints in mind as you play, add armies and fortify:
1. Conquer whole continents: you will earn more armies that way.

(this doesn't apply in Secret Mission RISK.)

2. Watch your enemies: if they are building up forces on adjacent territories or continents, they may be planning to attack you.

3. Fortify borders adjacent to enemy territories for better defense if a neighbor decides to attack you.
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