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Tips and Strategies

Tips and Strategies

Always go for a small continent first. You won't have enough men to go for a continent like Europe and hold it sucessfully. Go for a small one like South America, Africa or Australia.

ALWAYS make sure your borders are protected with plenty of men.

If you have 5 cards and one is a wild. Do not use it unless you have to. save it as long as you can.

Don't try to team up with someone and double team another person. A) it is not fair and B) the other person will turn on you sooner or later.

Watch the board carefully for people building up their armies, and try to think of what they can do with it and what you think they will do.

Never spread yourself to thin or you will get wiped out quickly.

Always crawl your way out of a continent, so you will not spread yourself out to thin.

Don't get frustrated when you first start playing, it takes a while to master and just keep practicing. After you play a while, form your own strategy and use it until you get it right.

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