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Martian RISK

Martian Risk [Games Magazine]

Reserve one army for the Martians (Green, of course). After everyone's taken a turn, draw a card from the deck. Put three Martian armies there. Reshuffle the deck.

They will fight until either they are destroyed or take the territory. If they do win, give them a card.

After that, each time it becomes the Martian's turn, draw a card and place all the armies they have coming to them (three minimum) evenly among the territories (those they already hold and the newly drawn one). Odd armies are placed in the new territory. Then the Martians will attack as long as they are able; until they are down to one army in each territory (and zero in the newly drawn one). Martian attacks are chosen with this objective: To gather all their armies together into one mass. They attempt this by, firstly, all groups except the largest will head toward the largest. Then the largest will head toward the second largest. They will always take the shortest path. You can roll a die if there is a tie.

Finally, the Martians only exchange risk cards when they have 5 or more (possible under some rules). They exchange until they have 4 or less.

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