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Paranoia Risk [Author unknown]

Paranoia Risk [Author unknown]

This variant notices that the difficulty of "kill red" type missions depends greatly on the number of players. Low number of players, they are harder than continent missions, high number easier. So, either you drop them to balance things, or, if you realise what fun they are, you play like this.

Only the "kill" missions are used. They are dealt out to the players. Each checks if they have their own colour. If any does they reveal it and cards are shuffled and dealt again, until a successful deal is made, i.e. all players have to kill other players. You do not need to finish off your victim yourself, so, as soon as one player is eliminated, somebody has won! This means there is no sitting around for eliminated players while the rest play on, and the game should be very tense. As well as weakening your target you need to ensure nobody else gets too weak!

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