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Knights And Cannons. []

Knights And Cannons. []

The knights can raise one army from the dead and put it anywhere on its continent on a territory that you occupy. As long as the knight has at least one army beside it, you can roll the red dice. If you roll an even number, one army beside the knight dies. However, if you roll an odd number, you can put an extra army on any territory you own in that continent. However, you must declare which knight is doing the healing.

The cannons can shoot any enemy territory, three adjacent territories away from the territory the cannon is on. The cannon must have at least two armies on its territory to shoot. It kills one army. Just roll a red dice, and if it is higher or the same as the ONE white defending dice rolled, one army, chosen by the defender is destroyed.

If there is a knight on the territory which the cannon is attacking, the defender gets to roll one extra white dice. (The commander advantage and attacking advantage have no effect on this.

Three powers may be used per turn after you finish attacking but BEFORE you fortify your position.

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