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Fanaat Risk RULES OF 'FANAAT RISK' [Martin Medema]

Beginning of the game:

Divide the 42 country's equal among the players. Each player gets 21 army's to divide on his country's, min 1 and max 4 on one territorium. This is for 6 players. In the case of 5 players each player gets 25 army's, with 4 players 30 army's and with 3 players 35 army's. Shuffle the country cards and determine which player may start.

A turn:

At the beginning of each turn the player adds one army on each 'bonus country'. A bonus country is a country that is surrounded by own country's, so all neighbour country's are in possession of that same player. Now the player can choose between adding army's or attack.

Add army's
The players gets a number of extra army's, which is the number of country's he has occupied divided by 3 and rounded down with of minimum of three. These army's may be freely placed in his own country's, but he's not allowed to move army's.


Move from one or more country's army's to one neighbour country that is to be attacked. Remove army's one on one (no dice here!) till there are only army's of one color left. After an attack each country must have at least one army, so can not be empty. The player may repeat this procedure for more attacks. If the players has performed an attack, that is has lost at least one army, he is allowed to move his army's. Each army may cross one border. After moving army's all country's must contain at least one army. After moving army's, the player can not attack anymore! If the player has conquered at least one country he gets one country card.

Country cards:

The country cards can be used when the player occupies that country. For a card with a calvary the player gets 8 army's, for a soldier 6 army's and for a cannon 4 army's. Those army's have to be placed in the country that is on the card. Using country cards is allowed at any moment in the game, so also when some other player is attacking that country, to withstand that attack, or after an attack to have extra army's for further attacks. The country card must be shuffled between the other cards. So there is a chance you get the same card back the next turn!
Extra connection:

To make Australia less interesting there's added an extra connection between Eastern Australia and Argentina.
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