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Nuclear RISK

Nuclear RISK [Dragon Magazine]

This variant was devised by several navy men and published in Dragon Magazine sometime in the early '80s. (If someone knows the exact issue, please enlighten us!) The full rules run to nearly three pages, but the basic ideas were as follows.

At most five players play; red tokens are reserved to represent nukes.

Two new overseas borders ( Brazil to North Africa) are added, to connect Madagascar to Western Australia and Eastern Australia to Peru. The continental bonus for South America and Australia are raised to 3, and for Africa to 4, to reflect the increase in borders.

Starting on a player's third turn, he may take up to half of each turn's reinforcements (rounded down) as nukes instead of regular armies. Bonus armies for continents or sets of Risk cards can be taken only as regular armies. Nukes are placed just as regular armies, but can NEVER be moved.

Starting with a player's fourth turn, he may use nukes for attacks. Any number of attacks per turn can be performed with nukes. The player states where the nuke is launching from, and the target; the target can be ANY territory on the board. The defender either removes one army from the target, or defends with a nuke of his own. The defending nuke must be in the target territory or one adjacent BY LAND. If the target has any nukes and is down to only one army, the target's nuke MUST be used for defense. Other players with adjacent nukes may also choose to provide a nuke for defense. The attacking nuke, and the defending nuke or army, are removed.

If a territory becomes devoid of armies because of a nuclear attack, it becomes a nuclear waste land, meaning no armies may occupy it for at least two turns. Place two coins in it, topped by a piece from the attacking player's box. At the beginning of each player's turn, he removes one coin from each wasteland marked by his pieces. When all coins are gone, the territory is left EMPTY. A nuclear waste land may be nuked, but the number of coins on it never exceeds two.

When a territory containing nukes is taken over by conventional armies, the attacker first moves armies into it according to the standard rules. Half of the nukes (round up) are removed. The remainder are immediately used by the defender to attack ANY territory on the board (including the one just taken over) in accordance with the rules given above. If this results in the creation of a nuclear waste land, a piece from the original attacking player is placed on the coins (as it occurred during his turn).

A player may nuke himself. (This might be done, for instance, to create a waste land as a barrier to a conventional attack.) Players with adjacent nukes may use them to defend the player from nuking himself!

In order to get continental bonuses, a player must have armies on ALL of the territories in that continent.

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