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Three Mile Island RISK

Three Mile Island Risk [Schmittberger]

This really speeds up play, as well as make the game comical and unpredictable. Every time double fours, fives, or sixes are thrown a nuclear melt down has occurred (a double is counted whenever two dice of the same colour match). The top card is drawn and all the armies in the territory shown on the card are removed. A penny (or similar marker) is placed there to show that the area is a wasteland.

For the rest of the game any army moved into the territory is halved, fractions dropped. However, the territory no longer counts towards holding a continent. If a continent is completely wasteland then no one can get the armies for completely controlling it. Units don't die off as they spend time in the territory or when they leave. One army must be left as with normal territories.

Optionally, if a territory has a second melt-down, clean-up efforts have succeeded in removing the radiation. The territory is restored.

As another option, armies may not be required to stay in an irradiated territory. If played this way, an attrition rule should be added so that at the beginning of that player's turn, after he places all armies, the army is halved, rounding down (three armies become one, one army becomes none). A single unit is allowed to attack from a wasteland space.

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