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mirror site
Well folks I finally found a place to put this up as a mirror! and if this site is too slow or something is wrong... or you just want to try another place click here to go to the other site.

Risk Links
It's pretty simple... you add a link to my page... I add one to yours. check it out for details though.

The Battlemaster
I decided to start a RISK newsletter called the battlemaster and it is made so you can submit your strategies to people. and have them reply to yours and I'd say check it out!

Download an awesome RISK game
I finally found my copy of an awesome RISK game for windows. I have now made it available for all of you to use. Enjoy!

New Stuff
Here you can check what all new stuff that I have added... and what has been editted and anything like that

Meet other RISK players in your area
This is set up so you can sign onto an ever growing list of people that play RISK and you may be able to find some people in your area!

The complete on-line rule book.
Are you and your friends having a dispute over a ruling and you can't find that rulebook anywhere? Now all you have to do is look on-line and there it is for you!

Different Variations of RISK.
Getting tired of playing RISK because it got to easy? Well try mastering all of these varients

The world
This shows all the territories on the RISK board and what ones make up what continents. It also tells the values for holding each continent.

Tips and Strategies

I set this up to provide you with the strategies that I use in the game of world domination. I Must thank Scott Davis my old next door neighbor for all of this though! Without his teaching I probaly would have never started playing.

Also check out these places;

risk, as defined by Andrew Andrew has a download section set up, rulings, famous moves and a few other things.

the RISK page
cool page with places to download RISK, a FAQ and some other various things of interest.

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Member of the Internet Link Exchange

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