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The Battlemaster

The Battlemaster

Welcome to the battlemaster newsletter. This is a newsletter where you the RISK player can discuss and post your strategies to other players. This newsletter will be released once every 2 weeks for the time being but if alot of information is being submitted, it may be moved to once a week so the file won't be as long. If you would like to join the list send an e-mail to and put in the SUBJECT "SUBSCRIBE RISK (your e-mail address)" make sure you put it that way!! and no other way please because that way it is easier for me to keep track of stuff.

Submitting stuff
If you would like to submit a strategy to the list, an idea about RISK, a new varient, or anything related to RISK that may interest you, send a message to with the subject 'RISK'. and if you are replying to someone elses posting, please be sure to make that clear in the body so everyone won't get confused. I will list the letters each month under their own header... and you can send a reply to that and it will branch off. If you see what I mean like this:
  • john says kill him
    • but that isn't really good
    • but it can help in defense
    • but flying cows hurt people!
  • what if there was a mad cow disease factor?!
    • that would suck
    • That's be cool
    • is john really obsessed w/ cows?!
      • Yes he is!!
      • you mean you don't know?!

more information
You can click here for information on how to post to the list and more rules and stuff.

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