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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

yeah the pesky rules
Well what did you think, that I'd let you just post anything in the battlemaster? well no flaming people... getting really mad... or threatening people or anything like that or you'll be instantly kicked off.
How do I send a message?
Well if you are replying to someones message... and you want it to be on the list you'd do it like this: (example time again)
  • john says kill him
    • but that isn't really good
    • but it can help in defense
    • but flying cows hurt people!
  • what if there was a mad cow disease factor?!
    • that would suck
    • That's be cool
    • is john really obsessed w/ cows?!
      • Yes he is!!
      • you mean you don't know?!

If You wanted to send a reply to the message "yes he is!" you'd put this:

re: what if there was a mad disease factor; is john really obsessed with cows?!; yes he is!!; (then your new header here).

It sounds complicated but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it!

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